Completed Projects


The Castle Circuit house in Seaforth presented a unique opportunity to construct a spectacular home in middle harbour. The architects designed the wave-like roof as the ‘main facade’ and point of interest which in turn emulates the rolling hills of the local topography. Our construction challenge was to suspend the large expanse of roof on as few supports as possible allowing for the view as well as the inside-outside transitions to be as absolutely seamless as possible. To that end, the roof’s structural system was designed as a ‘Glu lam’ and steel three dimensional space frame using curved elements in a multi directional fashion.

We consider this roof to be an art work equivalent to a modern day vaulted “cathedral” with highly complex geometrical timber joints, which in many instances required numerous plywood templates to ascertain resolution. The bespoke construction quality of this building does not stop at the roof with large oversized imported glazing elements sliding flush on internal / external thresholds, four meter off form post-tensioned cantilevered balconies and even down to bespoke artisan built custom door handles.

As builders we were also asked to coordinate and sequence state of the art heating/cooling technology with some seven 80 meter and 100mm diameter deep bore holes into the earth around the building as part of a complex geothermal heat exchange system.

MBA AWARD WINNER 2019 $3.8-4 Million

Vaucluse – Renovation

The original house at 8 Coolong Rd Vaucluse was designed in the mid 60’s by one of Australia’s leading architects of that time, Russell Jack, founder of the highly regarded firm Allen Jack and Cottier (AJC).The house was a very good example of early modernist, “Sydney School” Australian architecture which was well maintained for its 50 plus years of age.

The great challenge in this renovation was to keep true to the architectural pedigree of a 60’s modernist building and yet bring the building it to life fit for the 21st century.To that end very large areas of load baring external masonry walls on the ground floor were demolished and custom-made large format steel plate composite beams installed to take up loads from the first floor over.

Three large steel beams weighing in excess of 4.4 tones had to be carefully carried through the existing building and set in place at window height level as cranes were not a possibility with the quantum of building fabric remaining.

The Street facade at first floor level was also opened up substantially to allow extra natural light into the building. The design called up for a very large 8.5 m wide by 3m tall sheet metal box window and screen affixed externally to the existing facade. This major new facade element was manufactured largely off site and presented substantial challenges in its weight and consequential lateral rotation of the existing facade and structure.

Suffice to say the client’s final comment was; ” Thank you for bringing my beautiful old 60’s Porsche back to life! ”

MBA AWARD WINNER 2019 Renovation $1.3-1.4 Million

Mt. Vernon

Our Mt. Vernon site features an interconnection between marble, render, stone and intricate timber work to come together as an exceptional quality home. Notably, the Project was a joint winner in the MBA Excellence in Housing Award for Contract Home in the $2million-3million category at the MBA Awards in 2016, as well as a finalist in HIA Housing Awards for the $2.5-5million category!

MBA AWARD WINNER 2016 $2-3 Million

Elizabeth Hills

Our Elizabeth Hills Project “The Katarina” was Berlina’s first step into the Design and Construct Sector. Our clients approached us and we presented them with a concept base model, and designed all the internal and external components of the house inspired by a modern French inspired theme. The Project was a finalist in the MBA Excellence in Housing Awards for Contract Homes in the $600,001-$1,000,000 category, as well as a finalist in the HIA Housing Awards Homes in the same category!



Our project at Northbridge, “The Lilypad” designed by Jorge Hrdina Architects, features an interplay between curved glu-lam curved beams, stone, curved glass and architectural timber, all coming together to showcase a beautiful architectural home. The project was built to be wheelchair accessible for our client, so it features an elevator extending out to a rooftop terrace as well as a ground floor, and an accessible kitchen and living area. We worked hand in hand collaboratively with the architect, various consultants and our subcontractors to meet all the clients requirements for this build.



From rammed earth walls and exposed feature timber, to off form concrete and zinc roofing, Vaucluse comprised a number of sophisticated, yet subtle architectural components which when combined, came together beautifully to create an amazing architectural home. The project also featured concrete polished floors and cantilevered concrete benchtops. Our clients were thrilled with the final result and it was a pleasure building this lovely home.