Completed Projects



Our project at Northbridge, “The Lilypad” designed by Jorge Hrdina Architects, features an interplay between curved glu-lam curved beams, stone, curved glass and architectural timber, all coming together to showcase a beautiful architectural home. The project was built to be wheelchair accessible for our client, so it features an elevator extending out to a rooftop terrace as well as a ground floor, and an accessible kitchen and living area. We worked hand in hand collaboratively with the architect, various consultants and our subcontractors to meet all the clients requirements for this build.

Mt. Vernon

Our Mt. Vernon site features an interconnection between marble, render, stone and intricate timber work to come together as an exceptional quality home. Notably, the Project was a joint winner in the MBA Excellence in Housing Award for Contract Home in the $2million-3million category at the MBA Awards in 2016, as well as a finalist in HIA Housing Awards for the $2.5-5million category!

Elizabeth Hills

Our Elizabeth Hills Project “The Katarina” was Berlina’s first step into the Design and Construct Sector. Our clients approached us and we presented them with a concept base model, and designed all the internal and external components of the house inspired by a modern French inspired theme. The Project was a finalist in the MBA Excellence in Housing Awards for Contract Homes in the $600,001-$1,000,000 category, as well as a finalist in the HIA Housing Awards Homes in the same category!